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Industrial Minister p rajeev mla m Noushad visited Aidan Global’s sportswear manufacturing unit in Kollam.

This article will provide insight into the reasons behind the visit of Industrial Minister p rajeev mla m Noushad to the Aidan Global custom sportswear manufacturing unit.

Industrial Minister p rajeev mla m Noushad:-

Industrial Minister P Rajeev:-

#1. MLA M Noushad and Industrial Minister P Rajeev visited Aidan global sportswear manufacturing unit at Kollam.

On 05-November-2022 MLA M Noushad and Industrial minister P Rajeev, DIC members officially visited the Aidan Global company. As part of this, the company’s production process and machinery performance, product material, etc. were asked and also asked about the price ​​of sports jerseys and custom sports jerseys. He was happy to observe the quality of the company’s products with an economical rate.

The reporters were surprised to see the idea of designing with what the customers liked rather than to push the products which are already made as other shops do. Aidan Global has been said to be a rapidly growing company in a short period of time.

In a short time, Aidan Global is able to grab many valuable and premium customers like Olympian V .Diju, Mr. India Suresh Kumar, Bangalore Cycling Club, Punjab Cycline Club, IIM Institutes, West Bengal Badminton Club, and so on, said to company owner Mr. Mohammed Sulfiker to Industrial minister P Rajeev.


Industrial Minister p rajeev mla m Noushad visited Aidan Global manufacturing unit :-

Similarly, Industrial minister P Rajeev about the Aidan global company on his official social media accounts below:-

Two more institutions that started operations during the entrepreneurial year were visited. Aidan Global Spots Wear is located at Pallimukku in the Kollam district. This organization is owned by Mohammed Sulfikar and they specialize in high-quality sportswear manufacturing. The entrepreneur has visited various garment units in India to research their business model before starting his own.

 Size, logo, and team will be prepared according to the customer’s request. The clothes are also marketed in UAE, Malaysia, and the UK. It also manufactures for the Indian Army, leading educational institutions of the country, and leading sportspersons, clubs, and academies. Also selling online.

MLA M Noushad:-

Industrial Minister p rajeev mla m Noushad visited Aidan global's sportswear manufacturing unit in Kollam.

In July 2022, AIDAN GLOBAL, a custom sports company headquartered in Kerala, is launched and inaugurated at Kollam. With support from MLA M Noushad, the ribbon was cut and the company got off to a successful start. On inauguration day, Mr. India Suresh Kumar was just one of many sports celebrities who visited Aidan global.

The marathon champion Md. Nizam Uddin from Kerala, State Basketball Coach from Kerala, and some other sports celebrities visited the Aidan global outlet. Other than the above-mentioned people, other young sports enthusiasts and sports-related people joined the inauguration event.

The guest said to the press about the importance of Aidan global. MLA M Noushad praised Aidanglobal ‘s designs and quality. MLA M Noushad also mentioned the job opportunities that can be provided to young people and add something valuable to the Indian market. 

Posting photos related to the company on MLA M Noushad’s official social media account, they have mentioned along with photos below:-

Our Kerala is making great strides in entrepreneurship. Kerala observes the financial year 2022-2023 as the year of entrepreneurship day to inspire citizens to innovate and aim higher. Industrial minister P Rajeev, a young entrepreneur Mr. Mohammad sulfiker by Aidanglobal of pallimukku Kollam Kerala, says “Industries is the new mantra for Kerala”.It was published on MLA’s official social media account.

Who is Aidan Global?

Aidan Global is a company that specializes in custom sportswear manufacturing. Based in Kollam District, Kerala, they create custom-made jerseys with personalized design patterns, player names, and numbers on the back. In addition to jerseys, they also offer a range of products for athletes, including shorts, tracksuits, and hoodies,

which are designed for a variety of sports such as cricket, football, basketball, badminton, and cycling marathons. All their products are customizable and cater to men, women, and children. As a professional sports clothing company, Aidan Global provides high-quality and all-encompassing products for every athlete’s needs.

For custom sports inquiries contact to Aidan Global at +918089746911/+918089746912. Or click on WhatsApp now.

Additional information:-

Olympic badminton V.DIJU:-

Industrial Minister p rajeev mla m Noushad visited Aidan global's sportswear manufacturing unit in Kollam.

Get ready to be impressed because I have some exciting news for you! The Olympic Badminton Champion V.Diju just visited Aidan Global’s manufacturing unit and was blown away by the amazing high-quality jerseys and the endless variety of designs available on their website,

He couldn’t stop raving about the company’s top-notch products and their affordable prices, and even highlighted the fact that customers can fully customize their orders to suit their exact needs. Trust me, if a champion like V.Diju is singing their praises, you know Aidan Global is the real deal!

Get ready to be amazed by V. Diju, the legendary Indian badminton player who took the world by storm! He made history as the first Indian player to ever compete in the Olympic badminton games, and even represented India at the prestigious 2012 Olympics in mixed doubles with none other than the talented Jwala Gutta. It’s safe to say that when it comes to badminton, V. Diju is a force to be reckoned with.

And that’s not all – his endorsement of Aidan Global’s products speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of their offerings. With V. Diju on board, you can be sure that Aidan Global is a brand that you can trust. So what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of V. Diju and choose Aidan Global for all your needs!

Mr. India Suresh Kumar:-

Industrial Minister p rajeev mla m Noushad visited Aidan global's sportswear manufacturing unit in Kollam.

Get ready to hear an inspiring story! Suresh Kumar, a retired 59-year-old who has won the prestigious Mr. India title, recently made a stop at Aidan Global to purchase some custom-made jerseys. And let me tell you, he was blown away by the quality of these jerseys! Suresh Kumar found them to be the absolute best on the market, and at a price that was totally reasonable. Needless to say, he left Aidan Global feeling like a million bucks!

Wow, talk about being a super fan! Not only did he snag some jerseys for himself, but he also went ahead and hooked up his gym with the same fresh gear. And let me tell you, he was absolutely thrilled with the quality of those jerseys – so much so that he proudly showed them off on his Instagram for all his followers to see!

IIM -Indian Management Institute:-

Get ready to be amazed! India’s most prestigious institutes, including the likes of IIM Mumbai, IIM Chennai, and IIM Pune, trust us to supply them with over 700 customized pieces for their programs.

We take pride in being the chosen supplier for these leading institutes, and we make sure to provide them with top-notch products that meet their specific requirements. It’s an honor to serve the best, and we aim to keep doing so with utmost dedication and passion!


Based on the undeniable facts presented above, Aidan Global is undoubtedly an innovative company that is making remarkable strides in the market and is poised for even greater success in the future.

The Industrial Minister, P Rajeev MLA M Noushad, has expressed his commitment to supporting and fostering the growth of all the companies he has visited, and we are excited to be among them. With such support and dedication, we are confident that our journey towards success will continue to reach new heights!